ZOWIE Partners with BLAST for First-Ever CS:GO Major in France

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In an exciting development for the esports community, ZOWIE, the professional esports equipment brand under BenQ, has partnered with BLAST for the upcoming BLAST.tv Paris Major 2023. This marks the first-ever CS:GO Major to take place in France, and ZOWIE’s new XL2566K esports monitor will be the main display set-up for all stages of the tournament.

The Perfect Match for Esports Players

ZOWIE’s XL2566K esports monitor is designed specifically for esports players, with fast response times, optimised smoothness, and customisable features to help players improve their performance. The monitor boasts an exclusive 360Hz with a fast-TN panel that provides better clarity and sharpness in fast movement. It also features ZOWIE’s unique technology – DyAc⁺™ – which helps players see the position of the enemy during fast movements or fast-moving targets more easily. Another unique feature, XL Setting to Share, makes it easy for players to share their own settings with others.

Partnering with BLAST

BLAST is one of the most renowned and highly-regarded esports events in the calendar year, and the BLAST.tv Paris Major is one of the most anticipated esports events of 2023. ZOWIE’s commitment to providing professional gamers with the tools they need to succeed aligns perfectly with BLAST’s mission to deliver exceptional gaming experiences.

Oliver Clarke, Commercial Director at BLAST, spoke about the partnership: “ZOWIE produces gaming monitors designed specially for esports players, making their product perfectly suited for the world’s best players at one of the biggest esports tournaments of 2023 in the BLAST.tv Paris Major. We look forward to partnering with them ahead of France’s first-ever Counter-Strike Major and one of the most anticipated esports events of the year and the last ever CS:GO Major.”

Steve Chu, President of BenQ Europe, added, “As a leading esports equipment provider, we are committed to providing professional gamers with the tools they need to succeed and delivering an exceptional gaming experience. The BLAST.tv Paris Major is one of the most anticipated esports events of the year, and we are proud to be a part of it.”

Celebrating 10 Years of Counter-Strike Majors

2023 marks ten years of Counter-Strike Majors, and the BLAST.tv Major will celebrate this momentous occasion by highlighting and looking back at some of the most iconic moments from the pinnacle of esports and Counter-Strike. With a £1.25 million prize pool up for grabs, the BLAST.tv Paris Major offers thousands of teams from all around the world the opportunity to compete and etch their names in Counter-Strike folklore.


ZOWIE’s partnership with BLAST for the first-ever CS:GO Major in France is a significant development for the esports community. With ZOWIE’s XL2566K esports monitor and BLAST’s commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences, players can expect a top-notch competition. With the BLAST.tv Paris Major set to celebrate ten years of Counter-Strike Majors, the event is sure to be an unforgettable one.


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