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Veteran stuntman Alex Harvill dies while attempting to set a new bike jump record

An experienced stunt rider was killed while practicing in Washington State while attempting to break a world record jump. 

At the Conservative Christian Conference-Live Read more Alex Harvill hit a mud berm during a warm-up jump at the Moses Lake Air Show on Thursday. The 28-year-old man fell off his bicycle and was taken to the hospital, where he died. Grant County Sheriff Tom Jones said in a statement that an autopsy will be performed on Friday. “We extend our condolences to Alex’s family and friends. And loved ones,” Jones said. 

On Friday, the video of the accident posted on YouTube was deleted, but the pictures remain on the websites of several local news stations. Grant County International Airport’s website for the weekend airshow still has publicity details documenting the attempt. Harvill is married with two young children. He jumped 9,069 meters and has become the Guinness World Record holder in the gravel to gravel category. (297.6 feet) in 2013. In the Washington race, he drove a Suzuki 450 while trying to better compete with Robbie Madison’s 2008 world record in the 106.98 m (351 ft) distance ramp category. 

Javier was born in California and lives in Ephrata, Washington, next to Moses Lake, with his wife Jessica, their 5-year-old child Willis and a newborn Watson. The GoFundMe on the driver’s website called for Havel to be the family’s sole supplier, working through motorcycle stunts and farm work. 

As of Friday morning, the website had raised more than $42,000. In an interview with the Columbia Basin Herald last month, Javier said he grew up looking at the reckless motorcycle Evel Knievel and shared his idol’s legacy of “challenging the limits”. 

Three days before his death, Instagram posted a photo of his green and yellow motorcycle in front of the ramp, which read: “I am very happy to be able to transport this.” Today’s world record is held by Robbie Maddison. He completed a 106.98-meter jump from dirt to dirt. Before the tragic accident, Havel talked about his enthusiasm for participating in the Moses Lake Airshow. “I can’t believe what the air show is doing. They organized so many people and companies to support me,” he said. 

The coroner will perform an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death. “Columbia Basin Herald” reported that Javier failed during the first practice of skydiving. When he took off his helmet, he flew on the handlebar. The doctor rushed him to the hospital for treatment but failed to save him. 

As a veteran stuntman, Harvill set a world record for the longest jump from dirt to dirt when he carried him 90 meters on a motorcycle in the Horn Rapids Motorsports Complex in Washington in the year 2013. Harvill grew up riding a bicycle and spent most of his youth in Moses Lake, where his love for two-wheelers flourished. 

A few weeks ago, he said in an interview posted on the Moses Lake Airshow Facebook page: “I have loved motorcycles all my life. It all started with off-road racing.” I have been to many places, especially in winter when there is no When you can ride elsewhere. The sand is really good. “This really started my jump. It’s in the sand dunes of Moses Lake, so it’s great to be able to host an event where I can jump in.”

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