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UWB Connectivity might be a possible feature Google has in mind for it’s upcoming Pixel 6

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Google is trying to put ultra-broadband (UWB) connections on its Android hardware, which will likely apply to Pixel 6 series phones.

In the past year, UWB has become the latest access point for smartphones and smart home devices. In the Apple ecosystem, the iPhone 12 series uses UWB for cool things, like connecting to the HomePod Mini by simply placing the phone near the HomePod Mini or pointing to the AirTag. Samsung also uses UWB for its SmartTag and allows your phone to act as a car key for compatible vehicles.

Given its popularity, it is certainly only a matter of time before all flagship smartphones can use UWB. To this end, XDA’s Mishaal Rahman shared on Twitter that Google is working hard to provide UWB support for the upcoming device codenamed “Raven”, which is considered to be part of the Pixel 6 series of phones. “Raven” and another device. “Oriole” will be configured as phones made by Google this fall, both with Google’s own Whitechapel GS101 chip.

Based on some new documents that have recently come to our attention, we can confirm that Google has been using UWB hardware developed by Qorvo. Since none of Nest’s existing hardware provides this technology, information on how the alleged Pixel 6 series will use UWB connections has not been made public.

Right now the only clue we have is the open-source UWB code for Android 12. Basically, this code is used to determine the distance between two UWB devices and the angle at which the two UWB devices are combined. These UWB features are currently only available for system apps and are not available to other Android developers.

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