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Trump Pressured the DOJ to Challenge the Election Results, According to House Oversight

The House Oversight Committee said on Tuesday that in his final days in office, then-President Donald Trump lobbied senior Justice Department officials to challenge him to lose to Joe Biden in the election.

Justice Department officials and White House staff have provided new clues on how Trump tried to sabotage the 2020 election results and used the “obvious goal” of staying in power to promote unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud. The committee said that documents show that, among other allegations, Trump pressured the Justice Department in December to file a lawsuit in the Supreme Court to overturn the election. The dumping of the new material occurred several hours before the second hearing on the fatal invasion of the Capitol by the Supervisory Committee on January 6.

He said he also requested a transcription interview with Mark Meadows, then the White House Chief of Staff, and four Justice Department officials. p did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment. The committee said on Tuesday that it obtained the emails after sending a letter to the Justice Department on May 21 requesting documents related to “Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election results” prior to the January 6 attacks.

The committee said that emails from mid-December to a few days before the Congressional invasion showed how Trump, his White House aides, and their outside allies repeatedly lobbied Justice Department officials. The team stated that it sent a series of attachments via email to the then-Deputy Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen, claiming that Michigan’s ongoing election was “covered.” 

According to the committee, a few minutes later, an assistant to the then Chief Deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue sent the same information to two U.S. Attorneys’ offices in Michigan. About 40 minutes after the first email was sent, Trump tweeted that Rosen would replace Attorney General William Barr. The news was released after the Electoral College voted to officially confirm Biden’s victory over Trump. In late December, Trump’s aides emailed the draft legal briefing to Rosen, Donohue, and

Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Wall. The 54-page draft lawsuit will require the Supreme Court to declare that electoral college votes from six key deciding states-Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania-are “uncountable.” Other emails show that Trump’s chief of staff and former North Carolina congressman Meadows has repeatedly pressured Rosen to investigate conspiracy theories of voter fraud, including claims of fraudulent activities through “military satellites.” “From Italy.

After losing the presidential race in November last year, Trump never gave in to Biden. Instead, he falsely claimed that he won the election and spread a series of unsubstantiated conspiracy theories, claiming widespread Election fraud rigged the campaign against him. Attorneys for Trump and his allies filed dozens of lawsuits in key states where he lost. The Supreme Court. The purpose is to cancel or cancel the results of the electoral college.

Most of these lawsuits avoided accusations of fraud in court, and no one managed to get Trump to get any electoral votes.

ET will hold its second hearing on the January 6th invasion on Tuesday, during which hundreds of Trump supporters stormed into the U.S. Capitol, forcing Congress to hide, temporarily bypassing Biden’s victory confirmation. “Regarding the attempted rebellion,” including the fact that the Trump administration did not adequately predict, prepare, and respond to the attack,” according to the expert group.

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