Third suspect in Clark County deputy killing in Salem arrested by US Marshals

According to the Vancouver Police Department, the third and last suspect was arrested for the shooting of a deputy in Clark County on Friday.

Authorities say that detectives from the U.S. Marshals Office and Salem Police Department found and arrested Guillermo Raya Leon in Salem, Oregon on Sunday night. No more information about the arrests was immediately provided.

Police say Lyon will be extradited to Clark County, where he will face charges related to the fatal shooting of Congressman Jeremy Brown. Journalists are learning more about the causes of Friday’s shooting from court documents.

On Saturday, an arrest warrant was issued against Guillermo Raya León, accusing him of the serious murder of Brown. According to the probable cause affidavit, Brown carried out a surveillance mission in an unidentified vehicle, observing Leon, his brother Abran Raya Leon and Abran’s girlfriend Misti Raya.

Detectives said the three ran away on I-205 near Padden Park Avenue and crashed their vehicle. At that moment, they said that the three of them continued to run, crossing the fence and backyard. The police invaded the quiet neighborhood of northeastern Vancouver and sealed off the area while searching. Finally caught up with Misty and Abram, they were both arrested, but the arrest warrant was not approved.

When the suspect walked through her yard and stopped in front of the window she was cleaning, Jackie Hill faced the suspect.

“I’m pretty scared because I told my husband to go after them, to go this way after them,” Jackie Hill said. “I’m very glad they didn’t just turn around and shoot me through the window. His face was this close to my face.”

Court documents also show that Misti and Abran told the police officer after their arrest that Guillermo believed they were being followed. They also told the police officer that Guillermo claimed that Brown “shot at me first.”

After further investigation, the Catu News reporter learned that the two brothers had other outstanding cases in Oregon involving drugs and robbery. They also confirmed that Brown was involved in the high-profile shooting of Kevin Peterson Jr., who was killed by the police during a drug operation in 2019.

Clark County Sheriff Chuck Atkins is expected to hold a press conference on Monday morning, where he will  “discussing and honoring Detective Jeremy Brown, the Clark County Sheriff’s Office and surrounding law enforcement agencies and the support of the community.”According to his office In a statement, he will not discuss the ongoing investigation.

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