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The Math Behind Xbox Game Pass Versus $70 Sony Games Will Snowball Quickly!!

You’d be under the table by the end of the Xbox Show if you drank every time a title announced as arriving “day one to Game Pass” during the event yesterday. It’s clear that Microsoft is putting the brakes on Game Pass, whether it’s connected to a console or not.

They’re going to try not just to have an extensive roster of old games, but to keep the idea that every new first-party game launches there, which now includes all future Bethesda games as well, thanks to the recent acquisition. If each of those Sony games costs $70, you’ll end up spending $840. As a result, the difference in cost reductions is almost equal to the cost of an Xbox Series X.

Sony, on the other hand, has adopted the opposite approach. As a result, they’re selling individual new releases, they’re also raising the price of their PS5 games from $60 to $70, which includes specific third-party titles.

It’s not ideal for every game you buy, but the longer this goes on and the more games are published for both platforms, keeping a roster of titles on PS5 will be prohibitively costly compared to Xbox.

It becomes more extensive as it takes a longer time. Multiply $720 for six years of Game Pass and 24 $70 PS5 titles to get $1680, a difference of over a thousand dollars throughout a console generation. Even if you pay $15 each month for Game Pass Ultimate, that’s still $600 cheaper than buying those 24 PS5 titles. Of course, we’re disregarding the fact that you’re not only receiving 24 Xbox Series X titles but also a slew of additional titles you definitely wouldn’t have bought otherwise, as well as access to PC, mobile, and streaming versions with Ultimate.

Sony has said that they would be doing things to make its subscription services, PS Now and PS Plus, more appealing, but this has yet to bear fruit. The ultimate step, bundling new releases into subscriptions, seems unlikely to materialize, as Sony has previously said.

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