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Spotify’s Greenroom, the company’s answer to Clubhouse, crosses over 100k downloads on iOS and Android

Spotify and its Clubhouse competitor Spotify Greenroom recently launched a real-time audio application. If you want to use the best social audio platforms such as Clubhouse, Airtime, Spoon, etc., there is still a long way to go, let alone major social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. As per information from the application knowledge organization Sensor Tower, the new Greenroom application has just been downloaded multiple times on iOS up until this point. This incorporates the download of its past adaptation of Locker Room, an application that Spotify obtained to change to live sound.

On Android, Google Play data shows that the app has been installed more than 100,000 times, but Sensor Tower has not been able to confirm this number. Sensor Tower said that, in comparison, the total number of Clubhouse installations today is 30.2 million, of which 18.7 million are installed on iOS. Audio applications include Airtime, with iOS installations of 11.4 million, a total of 14.3 million (including Android); and Spoon, with iOS installations of 7.6 million, with a total of 27.3 million installations.

International applications such as Yalla in the UAE and Litchi in China are also very large, with a total of 48.1 stadiums, of which 3.8 million are on iOS. The latter has more than 29.5 million total installs, but only a few on iOS. There are other newcomers who have also gained less prestige in the social audio field, including Fishbowl (759,000 total installs), Cappuccino (497,000 installs), Riff (339,000 installs), and Sonar (154,000 installs).

At the same time, Spotify Greenroom, launched last month, seems to have attracted only a small part of Spotify’s largest user base, and it has now grown to 365 million monthly active users. The majority of Greenroom installations, about 106,000 times, occurred in July after the official launch of Greenroom. Sensor Tower said that from July 16, 2021, to July 25, 2021. Only counting its Greenroom installations, the app is ranked 12th among social audio apps. Since its launch in early March, Tin Can have received 127,000 installations.

Since Greenroom took over the installation base of the Locker Room, part of Greenroom’s total iOS installations (141K) included downloads that occurred while the app was still in the Locker Room. But this number is very small. Sensor Tower estimates that the total number of iOS installations in the locker room so far has only been about 35,000. This includes the October 26, 2020 deadline, which is the month when the sports chat application is released to the public, up to the day before Greenroom’s debut (July 15, 2021).

We should also point out that downloads are different from registered users and are much lower than active users. Many people downloaded a new application to try it out, but quit shortly after downloading it or never remembered to open it, which means that the number of people actively using Greenroom may be much smaller than these numbers. Spotify declined to comment on third-party estimates.

Although Sensor Tower focuses on the competition of social audio apps in the app store, Spotify’s competition in the real-time audio market is certainly not limited to standalone apps.

Other large technology platforms have recently integrated social audio into their applications, such as Facebook (Live Audio Rooms), Twitter (Spaces), Discord (Stage Channels), and the commercial application Public. It is impossible to compare with Greenroom here because these companies must disclose how many active users are interacting with real-time audio, and they have not yet done so.

Although adoption may be slow, the possibility of Greenroom has not been ruled out. The app is new, if all goes well, there is time to catch up. (If the live audio market, in general, continues to grow, even though the heyday of the Covid blockade triggered all this live audio socialization, it seems to be over.)

Given the company’s potential to cross-promote live audio programs, events, and artist-produced content through its flagship music streaming app, Spotify’s success or failure in live audio will be of particular concern. However, what kind of programming Greenroom may include in the later stage is still unknown.

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