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Russia is All Set to Quit From The ISS and Launch It’s Own Space Station


For more than two decades, the International Space Station (ISS) has been a cooperative research ship for astronauts around the world. Scientific experiments carried out on permanently manned spacecraft are considered part of future exploration and even laid the foundation for advancements on Earth. The International Space Station program is not just a research laboratory, it is also hailed as the victory of diplomatic partners Russia and the United States after the Cold War, who operate the spacecraft alongside Canada, Europe, and Japan.

The director of the Roscosmos space agency said Russia is ready to start building its own space station, with the goal of putting it into orbit by 2030 if President Putin approves.

The project will end more than two decades of close cooperation with the United States on the aging International Space Station (ISS). “If according to our plan, by 2030, we can put it into orbit, it will be a breakthrough,” Interfax news agency said, citing Roscosmos president Dmitry Rogozin. . “

Since 1998, Russian astronauts have cooperated with their counterparts in the United States and 16 other countries on the International Space Station. This is one of the closest areas of cooperation between Moscow and Washington, otherwise, their relationship is in a crisis of human rights, cyber-attacks, and other issues.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov told Russian television last weekend that Moscow will notify its partners that it will withdraw from the International Space Station project in 2025. Its orbital trajectory will subject it to increased radiation. But the astronauts will visit and use artificial intelligence and robots.

 He said Russia is willing to consider allowing foreign crews to visit, “but the station must be national … If you want to do a good job, do it yourself.” Interfax quoted an anonymous person. According to the source, Russia plans to spend $ 6 billion to start the project.


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