Queen Elizabeth Performs Her First Royal Duty Since the Passing of Prince Philips

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth participated in the first royal engagement since Prince Philip died at the age of 99. 

The monarch, who turned 95 this month, held a retirement ceremony at Windsor Castle on Tuesday to commemorate the resignation of Earl (Earl Peel). The week before he was Lord Chamberlain (Lord Chamberlain). According to a judicial circular, Prince Philip approved off.

“Earl Peel has the Queen’s audience today. He surrendered his wand and the official Lord Chamberlain emblem, as well as the Royal Victorian school emblem, and resigned his appointment as Lord Chamberlain when he was appointed Lord Chamberlain. Lord Bellin. The Royal Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said in a statement. 

Peel’s duties were taken over by former MI5 spy chief Andrew Parker (Baron Andrew Parker). Peel served as Lord Chamberlain for 14 years. After retiring, he was responsible for overseeing the funeral proceedings of the Duke of Edinburgh.

The funeral will be held at St George’s Church in Windsor Castle at 3pm. UK time (10am EST), will be broadcast live. Palace officials confirmed the first details in a briefing on Saturday. 

The post of Lord Chamberlain is the highest official post appointed by the royal family. They oversee all senior appointments of the superior royal family, facilitate communication between the monarch and the House of Lords, and coordinate exchanges between Buckingham Palace and Clarence House.

The queen’s return to the royal family does not surprise senior staff. A former palace aide told people, “Her family will grow stronger and stand by her side, but she will carry on.” “She knows she has work to do, [Philip] originally wanted her to keep going. When he started She did that when she retired from public life.” A close member of royalty added: “She will never abdicate due to her duties and Responsibilities. Honor and public service affect her deeply, as does he. “