New features of iOS 15 are expected to release in September!

iOS 15

Apple will roll out iOS 15 for the general public later this year. Some new features are coming to iOS 15 and are expected to release in September. In the WWDC event in June 2021, iOS 15 was announced by Apple. After the event, the company launched the developer beta, and now it has come up with a public beta. It is expected that the update for iOS 15 will be launched along with the launch of the iPhone 13. iOS 15 will introduce new features like FaceTime call, notification summary, focus, Spotlight photo app, map, wallet app,  Safai, etc.

New features in iOS 15 –

Notification summary –

Notifications have been redesigned, which includes adding large icons for apps and contact photos for people. There is an all-new personalized notification summary in which non-urgent notifications are collected together to be delivered appropriately. In summary, notifications are arranged on a priority basis using on-device intelligence that analyzes users’ interactions with apps. The most relevant and important notifications are at the top. Time-sensitive notifications and urgent messages will still be delivered immediately. This will still be delivered immediately.

The following steps can enable notification summary –

  • Open setting on iPhone
  • Select Notifications
  • Tap on Scheduled Summary
  • Enable Scheduled Summary toggle

As soon as the Scheduled Summary toggle is enabled, specific scheduling options or summaries can be seen. Twelve different summaries can be delivered per day. Default configuration recommendations will be scheduled, one for the morning and one for the evening. Next, what can be done is to choose the apps in each summary, including a list of all the applications on the device, and google them one by one, adding them to the summaries.

When an app is summaries, notifications will be received in the future, as they will be saved and delivered all at once in summary. All the notifications will be delivered immediately. Different applications for different summaries can not be configured.

Spotlight –

This feature can now use intelligence to search for objects, people, scenes, or locations for photos. By using the Live Text, the feature can find text and handwriting in photos. Web image searches are also supported by this and significantly richer results for films, TV shows, musicians, and actors. The improved results for a contacts card show location, shared photos, recent conversations if it is shared through Find My. This can be accessed from the Lock Screen and the Apple store; the apps can be quickly installed without leaving SpotlightSpotlight.

Steps to install apps from Spotlight

  • To open the feature, swipe down.
  • The name of an app needs to type.
  • App store link will be shown if the app is not installed.
  • Click on that to install the app.

This works only if the previous version of the app is brought and deleted later. Then the option to redownload will be there, but otherwise, the process is the same. The name of the app needs to be known. But if the name is not known, type the app’s description, then scroll right to the bottom of Spotlight’s results list, and the search app store can be found.

Steps to delete apps using Spotlight –

  • Open SpotlightSpotlight and type the name of the app.
  • When it appears, press and hold on to the app’s icon.
  • Choose to delete the app.
  • Click delete to confirm.

Focus –

Apple has introduced a new notification filtering feature in iOS 15, the focus mode. This feature can be seen as a customizable version of the Donot Disturb Feature and allows more granular triggers while filtering out the notifications. The company offers a variety of pre-set Focus modes on iOS 15, like gaming, fitness, work, personal, and more. Smart Activation lets the device setup focus automatically. With the features, it becomes more convenient for users as they can see notifications from certain apps and contacts at a specific time of the day.

Steps to use Focus mode –

  • Go to ‘Settings’ and click on the Focus option.
  • To add a new Focus, click on the add button.
  • Select the option custom to create custom Focus. Name icon and color for the specific focus can be selected.
  • Contact has to be chosen who can message while this mode is activated.
  • A screen will be displayed asking to select the app for which permission has to be granted to send notifications when this mode is active.
  • Time Sensitive Notifications have to be selected.
  • One once the setup is done, the Focus mode’s Setting menu will be seen. The focus mode can be edited by heading to “Settings”> “Focus,” then selecting the Focus mode which is to be edited.

Photos app –

This app features an updated memory with a new design, a more interactive interface, integration with Apple Music, Memory looks, a more interactive interface. Based on Apple’s Music listening history, memories will suggest songs that synchronize with photos and videos for a more personalized experience. By swiping through memory mixes, memories can be customized. This allows auditioning of songs with a different atmosphere and space. 12 Memory looks add mood by analyzing each photo and video and for a consistent look, apply the correct amount of contrast and color adjustment. New memory types like improved pet memories, trends over time, child-focused memories, additional international holidays are there. All the content from memory can be viewed and edited.

In the people album, it is easier to correct the naming mistakes. To show less, there is an option so that photos can know the user’s preference to see less of a specific holiday, place, date, or person across Featured Photos.

FaceTime –

This feature offers Spatial Audio so that in a video call, the voice will sound as if they are coming from where the person is located on the screen. In a Wide Spectrum mode, a new microphone is there so that the user’s voice can be separate from the background noise or introduce background noise. It features a mode for video calls in which users can blur the background and put themselves in focus and mute alerts so that it is clear while speaking on mute. For group FaceTime call, there is a new grid view that enables one to see more faces simultaneously and optical zoom control for the back camera.

Wallets App –

This app supports additional keys, such as hotel rooms, homes, offices, and corporate key cards. It will also support car keys and now unlock, lock, and start the car by using Ultra-Wideband without taking iPhone out of pocket. This will give special awareness like will not allow locking the car if the iPhone is inside and will not allow starting the car if iPhone is outside.

Maps –

When users start using Mapps in iOS 15 to get turn by turn driving directions, a brand new look can be seen that adds more confidence. Users will be better identify traffic jams, accidents, constructions with a quick look at the phone’s screen as users follow the route. There is a new 3D model to add accuracy as the user approaches an interchange. It makes it easier to see where you are supposed to go instead of guessing the correct lane to go. The company says it will be easier to identify taxi lanes and turn, bus, bike along with medians and crosswalks.

There is a completely new design to Safari. The bottom of the screen controls can be seen to make it easier to reach with one hand. There is a complete tab bar at the bottom of the screen that floats so that swiping between the tabs becomes easy. There is also a smart search field. Tab Groups allows the tab to be saved in a folder and sync across the Mac, iPad, iPhone. There is a new tab overview grid view. Mobile web extensions, a customizable start page, and Intelligent Tracking Prevention are there in Safari.











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