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Mystery surrounding the assassination of Jovenel Moïse deepens as Florida suspect is arrested

The arrest of a failed Haitian businessman in Florida. Authorities said he was a key figure in the assassination of the President of Haiti. This deepened Monday’s mystery and turned it into a complex conspiracy surrounding the assassination.

Haitian authorities identified the suspect as 62-year-old Christian Emmanuel Sanon, who expressed his desire to lead the country in a YouTube video. However, he is not well-known in Haitian politics. His associates stated that he was misled by those who actually attacked President Jovenel Moïse last week, and the attack seriously hurt him. His wife Martin is still hospitalized in Miami.

A friend of Sanon’s in Florida told the Associated Press that the suspect was an evangelical Christian pastor and a doctor licensed in Haiti, but not in the United States. A colleague who asked not to be named for security reasons said that Sanon told him that he had looked for him. Those who claim to represent the U.S. State Department and the Department of Justice want him to be appointed president.

He said that the plan was to get Moise to be arrested, not to be killed. If Sanon knew that Moise would be killed, he would not participate.

“I guarantee you that,” the associate said. “This was supposed to be a mission to save Haiti from hell, with support from the U.S. government.”

Echoing these sentiments is the Florida pastor, Pastor Larry Caldwell, who said that he worked with Sanon between 2000 and 2010 to establish a church and medical clinic in Haiti. He did not believe that Sanon was involved in the violence.

“I know the character of the man,” Caldwell said. “You take a man like that and you’re then going to say he participated in a brutal crime of murder, knowing that being associated with that would send him to the pits of hell? … If there was one man who would be willing to stand in the breach to help his country, it would be Christian.”

The chief of the Haitian National Police, Leon Charles, said that the murderer of Moise was protecting Sanon, and he accused Sanon of cooperating with those who planned the murder.

Charles said that agents found a hat with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration logo, 20 boxes of ammunition, weapon parts, four Dominican Republic nameplates, two cars and letters in the house in Sanon, Haiti. .-6 former Colombian soldiers were suspected of murder, 23 were arrested, and 3 Haitians. Charles said five suspects are still at large and at least three have died.

U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration officials told the Associated Press that a suspect in the Moyce murder was sometimes a confidential source of the agency. The suspect contacted his DEA contact after the murder and was urged to surrender. The official said that an official from the Narcotics Enforcement Administration and the US State Department provided information to the Haitian government, leading to the surrender and arrest of a suspect and another individual, but he did not disclose his identity.

At the same time, the Colombian National Police Chief, General Jorge Luis Vargas, stated that CTU Security, a Florida-based company, used its credit card to purchase 19 air tickets from Bogota to Santo Domingo. Colombian suspect. Vargas said most people arrived in the Dominican Republic in June and moved to Haiti within a few weeks.

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