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Maryland Graduate Student Who was Stabbed in the Loop was Ironically a Genius in Criminology

A young woman was stabbed to death in the city’s Loop in broad daylight over the weekend. People remember that she was an excellent graduate student and was studying for a doctorate in criminology at the University of Maryland. Chicago police found the 31-year-old woman Anat Kimchi lying on the ground. At about 4 pm on Saturday, there were two stab wounds on the upper back on the sidewalk of the 400th block of Southwark Avenue. She was rushed to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead. 

The murderer who fled the scene and possibly threw the gun into the Chicago River is still at large. On Sunday, those who knew Kimchi remembered that she was a person with unlimited potential and passion for learning the inner workings of the criminal justice system. Kimchi is studying for a Ph.D. in Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Maryland and is also part of the school’s prestigious flagship scholarship, which aims to attract outstanding doctoral students. According to a faculty member, Kimchi was in Chicago due to personal problems. “She is one of our top students and she is about to start her career,” said Gary Laurey, professor and head of the department of criminology and criminal justice at the university. In recent years, he has obtained a master’s and a bachelor’s degree in criminology and criminal justice, and a bachelor’s degree in psychology. 

In recent years, he has served as a researcher and consultant, editing reading materials and analyzing statistics. Statistics, analysis and modeling skills,” said Shawn M. Flowers, who has been working on various projects with Kimchi since 2016. But other than that, she is also an excellent writer. We will miss her deeply. “During her tenure as the chief investigator of a project involving Washington, D.C. prisons in 2016, Flowers ran a Maryland company that provided criminal justice investigation and evaluation services to different criminal justice agencies. She said a friend introduced her to kimchi. “She was very good at her job,” Flowers said. “She completed a literature review of statistical materials. “When contacted in Maryland, Kimchi’s father declined to comment, saying his family wanted privacy. 

A witness told the police that the attacker was a man in his 30s with dreadlocks and ahead. A red headscarf, dark shirt, and light-colored pants came out of nearby D’Angelo Park and stabbed the woman, then fled down Wacker Avenue and disposed of the shirt found by the police. Video surveillance showed that the attacker might have thrown the knife Entered the Chicago River, but the police report indicated that the motive might be robbery, but the case is still under investigation. 

The authorities are waiting for the results of an autopsy scheduled for Sunday. LaFree said Kimchi has been particularly interested in fair treatment. Criminals and suspects are involved. Recently, he published his own research on criminal prosecution. “It is obviously a huge tragedy, but in this case, there is also a certain irony. When you are studying this subject, you will pay the price of your life. “

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