Kim Kardashian Flexes Her Perfect Figure and Silver-Blonde Hair While Working Out in a Swimsuit

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is flexing her figure

The 40-year-old reality star is never ashamed to show off masks or try new hairstyles online, and her latest Instagram post is no exception. On Thursday, Kardashian posted a steamy photo of her working out with almost no black bathing suit on. 

The object of the post is a neat dress, with large cuts on the belly, buttocks, and chest, highlighting the figure of the star. However, the unique swimsuit is not the only striking part of the photo, because she still wears platinum blonde hair. 

It’s unclear if the hairstyle is a wig or hair dye job, as the before and after workout snapshot posts show off her naturally dark hair. In the post’s title, Kardashian simply placed a puzzle emoji. The same publication entered his Twitter account. As Kardashian usually does when she posts those photos, she has received widespread praise from her followers in her comments. Added a chain of flame emojis. A third compared their hair to Donatella Versace’s. Added another: “Well, now you’re just playing with my emotions.” 

Kardashian recently found herself at the center of a bizarre scandal because she was indicted in a federal lawsuit. The cosmetics and fashion mogul was appointed to the federal government and charged that he was “smuggled” from Italy and should be confiscated, but the Kardashian representative believed she did not have the store, according to a source close to the reality show. 

According to the report, Kardashian, 40, just found out about the big deal, which was allegedly bought by her estranged husband, Kanye West, 43. A large chunk of the gossip website claims that Kardashian isn’t sure if West bought the artwork as a gift or if she plans to tell Kardashian everything.