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Hotel Blue Moon The popular Korean drama series

Hotel Del Luna

Movies and TV shows are always great for time relaxation. You just enjoy them, they might contain things that are similar to your life. They will push you into an imaginable world with their different approaches. Over the past few years, all drama genres of the entertainment industry have gained a special place on the list. Among them, Asian dramas have been continuously emerging as a great entertainment to enjoy. Especially, the Korean dramas. They have been hitting great heights in producing the best content for movie enthusiasts or Show enthusiasts. Many people from different parts of the world admire the actors and another cast of the drama industry. Among such good dramas, Hotel Del Luna is one of the best Korean dramas produced in the world.

Hotel Blue Moon is the second season of the Hotel Del Luna, which has received much applause and fans across the globe. The Hotel del Luna (with the main cast of IU and Yeo Jin Goo, as the owner and the manager of the eponymous hotel which only serves the fantasies to ghosts) is a South Korean TV series for 2019. It premiered on TVN from 13 July to 19 September 2019. Hotel Del Luna was written by the Hong sisters. It was 2019’s most popular television drama and Korea’s 12th largest drama in the history of cable television.Hotel Blue Moon

Details of Hotel Del Luna (Before Hotel Blue Moon)

Original title 호텔 델루나 (Hotel Del Luna)
Genre Action








Created by Studio Dragon
Written by Hong Jung-Eun

Hong Mi-ran

Directed by Oh Choong-hwan
Starring Lee Ji-Eun

Yeo Jin-goo

Country of origin South Korea
Original language Korean
Number of episodes 16
Executive producer Kim Kyu-Tae
Camera setup Single Camera
Running time 73-94 Minutes
Production company GT: st
Distributor tvN
Original network tvN
Picture format 1080i (HDTV)
Audio Format Dolby Digital
Original Release July 13 –

September 1, 2019


It is set in a curious hotel deep in the heart of Seoul’s flourishing city center, no one ever saw. Older than ever, the building has been a testament to the fact that things are not always what they appear for millennia. The running of the hotel is the gullible soul of Jang Man Wol (IU) who has been the CEO of the establishment for the last thousand years.

Cursed for sin, Man Wol has been condemned to spend eternity running this strange property, taking care of the needs of his very special clientele. Her only hope of flight is to find someone who has sinned worse than herself but has begun to lose hope after one thousand years.

However, when Goo Chan Sung (Yeo Jin Goo) appears, the story enters into an interesting turn. Once Chan Sung was the youngest assistant manager ever to work in a multinational hotel company, his father’s deal with Man Wol years ago forced him to run Hotel del Luna. He’s a perfectionist in terms of rules and regulations. That can be exactly what this bizarre institution and its malignant CEO need.

Where to watch Hotel Del Luna Season 1?

The popular Korean drama series was first aired on tvN from 13 July to 1 September 2020. Currently, it is streaming on Netflix. It has all sixteen episodes with English subtitles. If you want to watch it for free, go for Viki or Viu websites. Both offer you free services. But they consist of some ads, but they are bearable. After all, it is for free.

Hotel Blue Moon

Asia’s drama series has grown over the years into a strong niche for fans. Hotel Del Luna is one of the newest television series of the interesting Asian drama series. The TvN is composed by the Hong Sisters from the Korean fantasy drama/rom-com series. Until now there has been one season of the series. A total of 16 episodes occurred during the first season. The first season of the show had commenced on 13 July of 2020 and ended on 1st September of 2020. With the huge amount of viewership, the series was a success. And it became Korea’s twelfth most rated drama series. The series will also be modified very soon in English.

Hotel Blue Moon(Hotel Del Luna Season 2) Release Date

The first season of the drama series had ended with a hint of a different story in the next season. It had ended on 1st September of 2020. The first season ends with a hint that there would be a new season with new characters. So, there is a higher chance of having a second season in the drama series. But, We don’t have the most popular Korean drama renewal/release date details or any regarded information at the moment. Moreover, Korean dramas are usually not sequenced, so a second season is not expected. The authors of the series also suggested that the story had come to a conclusion, Hong’s sisters. The new season could be named Hotel Blue Moon according to sources of information.

Is any trailer out of Hotel Del Luna Season 2?

The second season of the most popular Korean Drama series(Hotel Del Luna 2) was not officially announced. All we can say to all fans is that no trailer is coming out in the near future. It depends on the show makers. Check out the Highlights of the Hotel Del Luna Season 1.

Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Possible cast

The first season of the show had gone starring with:

  • Gu Chan Sung played by Yeo Jin-goo
  • Lee Ji-Eun as Jang Man-Wol
  • Bae Hae-sun as Choi Seo-hee
  • Shin Jung-Geun as Kim Seon-bi
  • Pyo Ji-hoon as Ji Hyun-Joong… among other

We can’t consider anything or give a word on the cast of season 2 coming because it isn’t confirmed yet. However, we assume that most of the Season 1 characters will not be back. Because The first season ends with a hint that there would be a new season with new characters. But if season 2 becomes possible, Kim Soo-Hyun can take part as the owner. Yeo Jin-Goo could also appear in partnership with him(might be a guest appearance). 

Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Expected Plot:Hotel Del Luna Season 2 Release Date

Hotel del Luna is probably not going to be advanced for another season, as we have mentioned previously. But if the series somehow manages to renew for another season, you would not get disappointed with its story. Trust us, the content is certainly not going to be poor. Kim Soo Hyun made a cameo to own a new ghost hotel at the end of the season. The new hotel is rumored to be named ‘Hotel Blue Moon’ The future of this new hotel and its owner could be followed in Stage 2. The new season will rotate around the new hotel and the owner who owns it.

The Hong Sisters (writers of the play) explained in an exclusive interview that if they make a second season, they will bring a difference this time. They suggested that the change is about bringing a male owner to the hotel. It’s probably Kim-Soo-Hyun that happens.

Why are People waiting for the Hotel Blue Moon?

If there would be a sequel to the best-loved Korean drama show, that would be no other series rather than Hotel Blue Moon. Unfortunately, tYn revealed that no possible follow-up season has been confirmed or discussed. Many have been said about this news, but we still believe that Hotel Blue Moon is certainly not calling it off. Below are some of the reasons why we are craving Hotel Blue moon.

  • We can’t take Chang Seong out of our minds

We have all witnessed the final moments of Man Wol and Chan Seong and our hearts have gone melting, and we still expect that Chan Seong will not die a lonely man in this lifetime together. He deserves love for all the sacrifices that he has made for the employees of Hotel Del Luna to leave the universe peacefully. If Hotel Blue Moon happens, we might see him as in the past as his memories.

  • Can’t wait to witness a good comeback for Kim Soo Hyun

K-drama fans were delighted to see him once again on screen following his military service. We all know that the Del Luna cast has a strong link, in particular to IU with whom he worked at Dream High and The Producers. That’s why every one of us immediately thrilled that Hotel Blue Moon became a reality when he had a cameo on the last episode with his ethereal and superb acting skills as the new owner!

  • Desperate to know how Hotel Blue Moon Looks like

The Hotel is the most popular Korean drama show is one of the things that we love about the show. Its appearance is what made our eyes glow. While it only met fantasies of ghosts, it’d be a part of our wanted things to check on the hotel if it were a hotel that is open to anyone, because it looked so majestic! Whilst Hotel Del Luna was the most beautiful hotel we ever saw, it is odd whether Hotel Blue Moon is as breathtaking as ever.

We were really traumatized when Hotel Del Luna came to an end! It’s named for one reason the best Korean drama this year and it won’t hurt for a second season!

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