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Google Will Soon Start Automatically Enabling 2-Factor-Authentication For Users

Google 2FA

Security experts have been outpacing password managers and enabling what appears to be timeless two-factor authentication. Probably because year after year, thousands of people continue to use “123456” and “password” to protect their shit online. Well, Google doesn’t use it anymore. As long as you provide a secondary email or phone number, the business will automatically activate 2FA on your Google account soon. 

This change is not an announcement, as it is a tip on Google’s official password security blog that was published today on World Password Day. According to Google, searches for “how strong is my password” increased 300% in 2020. However, even if everyone uses long and complex passwords, Google still believes this is not good enough because it can encourage people to use the same, complex but strong passwords across multiple accounts.

Mark Risher, director of product management, identity, and user security at Google, wrote: “The purpose of this is to completely remove passwords.” If the user’s account is configured correctly, we will soon begin to automatically register the user for 2SV (two-step verification). “…” Logging in with a mobile device can provide people with a more secure authentication experience than a separate password. “Then Risher pointed out that Android’s built-in security keys and the Google Smart Lock app for iOS password managers are other examples of how to cut down on the tedious work of 2FA. He also highlighted Chrome’s built-in password manager, and recently, the “import passwords” feature released, which allows you to upload 1,000 passwords from third-party websites to Google’s password manager for free. Google may already choose 2FA, but it is not required. You may also recently notice Until last summer, You may click on the Google message from your phone to log in to Gmail. 

As for what Risher means by “properly configured” an account, it basically means whether you have provided Google with recovery information: secondary email, phone number, authentication application, and so on. You can go to Google’s “Security Check” page to check. Aside from saying that this will happen soon, Google has yet to give a timeline of when automatic registration will begin or when the official launch will begin. However, you don’t have to wait for Google to complete this task for you. Enable 2FA to attract technical bloggers from around the world, so we don’t have to keep blogging to remind you why enabling 2FA is a good idea.

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