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Google Enforces New Policies Against Scammy Play Store Apps

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Google announced new Play Store policies and guidelines, designed to make the list of apps more concise, accurate, and not dazzling. The new guidelines affecting screenshots and videos are designed to demonstrate the functionality of the application and will go into effect in the second half of 2021, and the specific details about the implementation of the application title, icon, and description of the new policy will come “later. year.” “

The new application metadata policy will prohibit various techniques that application developers use to make their application lists too attractive. Unless it’s a brand name, uppercase letters are no longer allowed and app names must not contain emojis. The application title must not exceed 30 characters and you cannot “incentivize installation” by adding phrases such as “download now”. Promoting transactions by including a “sale” banner in the application icon is prohibited.

Google calls this week’s blog post a “preview announcement” and aims to help developers plan for upcoming changes. However, when the policy for managing app titles, icons, and developer names went into effect, Google declared that apps that violated the policy “will not be used on Google Play.” He said more details on the changes will be made later this year. The time has come.

Additionally, new guidelines on app preview assets will go into effect in the second half of the year. These guidelines require short graphics, videos, and descriptions to “accurately represent” applications and games, to provide users with “enough information”, not to use buzzwords like “free” or “best”, and to rank correctly. Google said: “Assets that do not meet our guidelines may not be eligible for promotion and recommendation on the main Google Play interface (such as the Apps and Games home page).

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