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Police engaged in a gunfight with suspected killers of Jovenel Moïse in Haiti, 4 people killed!

Police chief Leon Charles said that Haitian security forces killed four members of the “mercenaries” who were assassinated in the home of President Jovenel Moïse. “The police is still in combat with the assailants,” Charles said in a television briefing later that day, “We blocked them en route as they left the scene of the crime. Since then, we have been battling with them..” Two of the attackers have been arrested. For the rest, he said: “They will be killed or captured.” 

Haitian Communications Minister Franz Exantus had previously stated that the police had arrested the “presumed assassins,” but did not provide more details. Charles said that on Wednesday night, the three police officers who were held hostage by the suspected gunman were released. The murder of Moise on Wednesday and the injury of his wife are expected to bring further chaos to the already unstable Caribbean country, plagued by skyrocketing gang violence.

Inflation and protests by opposition supporters accuse Moise of increasing dictatorship. Acting Prime Minister Claude Joseph said that the police and the army control Haiti, the poorest country in the American continents, and it has a history of dictatorship and political turmoil, and assassination. 

Joseph claimed that the attack was carried out by an “armed commando group”,  and declared a state of emergency in the country in a nationally televised speech and called for calm. “The situation is under control,” he said. In a subsequent interview with the Associated Press, Joseph called for an international investigation into the murder, said that elections scheduled for later this year should be held, and vowed to cooperate with Moise’s allies and opponents. 

According to Bocchit Edmond, Haiti’s ambassador to Washington, the murderer of Moys claimed to be a member of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) when he entered his guard residence. 

In a video circulating on social media, a man with an American accent can be heard saying in English through a megaphone: “DEA operation. Everybody stands down. DEA operation. Everybody back up, stand down.” The residents reported. I heard gunshots and saw men in black running around.

“It could be foreign mercenaries because the video footage showed them speaking in Spanish,” Edmond said. “It was something carried out by professionals, by killers … But since the investigation has been just been opened, we prefer to wait on legal authorities to have a better assessment of the situation. We don’t know for sure, with real certainty, who’s behind this. This is an act of barbarity. It’s an attack on our democracy.”

Edmund said that on Wednesday morning he asked the White House to help the United States identify and arrest the perpetrators. In a statement, the 15-member committee also asked for the perpetrators to be removed. Bring to justice. On Thursday, the Parliament will learn about the massacre in a closed-door meeting held at Mois’s home in the Pelerin 5 district of Petionville, which is sometimes spread out on the hills above the capital. There are a lot of dense villas. 

 Edmund said Moyes’ three children are safe, but his wife Martina was seriously injured in the attack and was sent to Miami on Wednesday. A hospital, 24 hours later, Moise appointed a new prime minister, Ariel Henry will take over as the head of government, preparing for the presidential election in the next two months.

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