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Florida’s condo collapse has raised concerns for San Francisco’s sinking Millennium Tower

San Francisco’s luxurious Millennium Tower, with towering panoramic views and world-class facilities, opened in 2009 with great fanfare. 

More than a decade later, “Your city within the city” is still touted, a 58-story boulder, the tallest residential building in San Francisco with more than $400 million units. “It was billed as one of the top 10 most luxurious buildings in the world,” recalled Frank Jernigan, a former millennium resident. There were rumors, a young man suffering from muscular dystrophy: what we know about collapsed victims. However, since its opening, this huge blue-gray tower has sunk 18 inches into the soft ground at the center of its construction and is leaning, according to The current millennium engineer Ronald Hamburg. 

Now, there are reports of a fatal collapse in Champlain Tanan, more than 3,000 miles away in Surfside, Florida, starting downstream of the building, and people are questioning the bay. The structural integration of the area and the tower. 

Lawyer Neil McCarthy said: “When you have a high rise that collapses and you had a situation in San Francisco — we had a high rise that was sinking and tilting — it affects people’s peace of mind,” He represented about 100 Millennium Tower residents in the meeting. In mid-2020, it reached a settlement with the developer and others and claimed in the lawsuit that the value of their property plummeted due to the sinking news. In Hamburg, he monitored the Millennium Tower settlements and assessed their impact on the structure. 

Since 2014, Neil has told CNN in a statement that the building is designed to withstand earthquakes, stay safe, and has no risk of collapse. “The collapse of the Surfside residential building… is tragic, but it is too early to speculate on the cause of the disaster, and any potential comparison with the Millennium Tower is reckless and immature,” Neil said. “Millennium Tower is designed with strict standards, earthquake resistance, and architectural forms that are much stronger than typical buildings in Florida. These buildings may not be able to withstand earthquakes,” he added. “I can confidently say that the settlements experienced by the Millennium Tower have not compromised its stability and safety.” 

According to Millennium spokesperson Doug Elmets, a $100 million solution will be completed next year, which includes Install pile foundations in the bedrock in downtown San Francisco. He said that these piles will be tied to the existing foundation. After years of litigation, hearings, and prosecution, the modernization announced in October will finally fix the building on the cornerstone. 

The initial foundation was built in deep sand. Experts determined that nearby projects and a process called dehydration weakened the soil under the sinking tower. “The structural improvements currently being made on the tower are aimed at avoiding further settlement and restoring the lean of some buildings, rather than repairing damage or providing reinforcement,” Hamburg said in a statement. “I can state with confidence that settlements experienced by Millennium Tower have not compromised its stability and safety.”

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