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Epic Games Store adds a new achievements feature !

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More than three years after its release on Windows PCs, the Epic Games Store (EGS) will soon finally include a feature called Achievements that is already very popular on other gaming platforms.

As revealed on Monday, this new feature will be available by a week from now. It focuses on a mix of trophies and experience points. Therefore,  both the Xbox and PlayStation views on the concept are taken at the same time. If you complete an objective while playing a game, a pop-up box will appear, along with a trophy and a number of experience points.

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Every achievement list will be a total of 1,000 experience points, with lower point totals (45 or fewer) designated bronze and larger point totals labeled as silver, gold, and platinum.

Epic has not stated how these changes would change the service. They said to keep your eyes out for additional updates you’ve been waiting for when we launch new social features and player rewards by the end of this year. It might be like accomplishment points may serve as cash in some manner.

How will the new feature work?

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Achievements will not be required for existing or upcoming EGS games, but if they are included, Epic has put up some rules for the creators. Whatever the number of accomplishments a game has got, they must total 1,000 points, it can’t be more or less than 1,000 and once the achievements are released, they cannot be changed. An Epic official confirmed that the shop will allow adding extra accomplishments to both DLC bundles and free material, but how they will be operated is not known yet.

The deployment started at the beginning of this year, it was as a  test feature called developer achievements. Only a few games are having this feature right now.

The next version will feature an achievement menu and will be displayed in the store of the user’s library or store menu. Developers may choose between current developer achievements to workaround with the new feature or skip the total achievements thing.

The statement also said that there will be at least one major improvement for the store users, which will be to be able to customize our profiles. This feature was teased back in July. An Epic official said that even with the announcement page giving a graphical trailer of how it would appear, complete with achievement progress and customizable profile icons, this feature will not be available in next week’s update.

Since the launch of Epic Games back in  2018, complete with high pricing for all developers and more licensing-based rewards for Unreal Engine developers, which is a popular Valve’s storefront, Steam, has surpassed with its own features, rather than putting its default 30 percent discount on games at a sale. It is reported that Steam does not get the entire portion. The most useful feature is Steam Play Together, which can convert even the smallest co-op games into an online lobby with a single click.

Epic Games has failed to go ahead with storefront features that surpass the features provided by Steam, without features such as cloud save support and viable offline modes.

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