Croatia Europe’s sailing mecca!

Croatia Europe's sailing mecca!

Crystal-clear waters, spectacular views and fabulous beaches are some of Croatia’s best-perceived offshore assets among the country’s 1,100 islands
Croatia is a nautical superpower as it boasts the most yachts for hire in the world – 40% of the total.

5 reasons to autumn-sail in Croatia
1. Daytime temperatures are still around 25°C and the water is still warm with temperatures of around 23°C in September.
2. Boat rental prices drop by about 20 percent and mooring fees are reduced by about 10 percent compared to the high season.
3. Steady winds reduce the need to go for motor.
4. It is rarely more than a two-hour sail between Croatian islands. If dark clouds sail into the sky, you’re never far from a port.
5. The crowds are gone! There is plenty of mooring space in ports, bars and restaurants are not crowded for example on the island of Hvar, Croatia’s St Tropez. Favourite Hvar but also islands like Brač and Korčula are musts on the most popular sailing route between the cities of Split and Dubrovnik.

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