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Astronauts from SpaceX’s Crew Dragon arrive home by splashing down in the Gulf of Mexico pre-dawn

SpaceX Crew Dragon

Four astronauts were tethered to their SpaceX Crew Dragon capsule, separated from the International Space Station, and crashed into the Gulf of Mexico Sunday for a pre-dawn splash, ending the maiden voyage of SpaceX’s futuristic touchscreen ferry.

Crew 1 Commander Michael Hopkins and NASA astronauts Victor Glover and Shannon Walker and Japanese astronaut Soichi Noguchi At 8:35 PM, the station was disconnected from the Harmony capsule port facing space. Saturday Eastern Time.

That was only the second water test landing for NASA’s commercial space shuttle crew, and it was only the third night landing in space history, the first landing in nearly 45 years.

But Crew Dragon ran a textbook, returned to Earth, went out of orbit, deployed four large parachutes, and set up at 2:56 a.m. in a soft landing south of Panama City, Florida, which ended in 168 days in 2688. The two-orbit mission was launched in November last year.

The company’s capsule correspondent relayed: “Long, on behalf of the NASA and SpaceX teams, we welcome you back to Earth and thank you for flying with SpaceX.” “For those who participate in our frequent flyer program, come here. He said this trip earned 68 million miles.”

Hopkins replied, “It’s good to be back on Earth.” “Then we will accept those miles. Are they transferable?”

“There are dragons. We must refer him to our marketing department for this policy.” 

Despite landing every night, NASA’s WB-57 tracking plane is still able to pass through densely packed space capsules. Capture the spectacular infrared scene. The lower atmosphere and chamber of the SpaceX recovery ship show the moment of the splash. 

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