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Apple holds a leaker responsible for ill-fitting cases and boring new iPhone introductions

According to Vice, Apple’s cease and desist letters require people living in China to stop advertising for leaked and stolen iPhone prototypes. The company gave two main reasons for requesting the termination of this practice and pointed out that the leak was to eliminate the excitement of the new iPhone release by revealing the surprise that Apple wanted to reveal. Therefore, audiences will not be surprised when Apple launches its next-generation iPhone, and these surprises, Apple wrote in the letter, are part of its “DNA”.

Another reason for Apple’s request to terminate the leak of the iPhone prototype is that “third-party accessory manufacturers may develop and sell mobile phone cases and other accessories that are not actually compatible with the unreleased products.” Now we have to wonder whether Apple really cares about these third parties. The well-being of the protective case manufacturer, because the unsuitable protective case from a third-party company tends to increase the sales of Apple’s own protective case.

A letter written by a Chinese law firm on behalf of Apple said: “Such situations harm the interests of consumers and Apple. Therefore, it is obvious that when the unpublished information about the design and performance of Apple’s products is kept confidential, it has actual and potential commercial value.” Apple said in the letter that the leaker is publishing”a large amount of information related to Apple’s unreleased and rumored products,” which means “widespread recognition and a large number of followers.”

The tech giant called the seller’s post “illegal disclosure of Apple’s trade secrets.” And the company has already taken legal actions against parts suppliers. In 2016, he sued Mobile Star LLC for manufacturing counterfeit adapters, cables, and other products. The lawsuit “revealed that Mobile Star’s supply chain includes entities that are known counterfeiters and infringers of Apple’s intellectual property and source large quantities of Apple-branded products directly from entities based in China.”

Last month, Apple threatened to take legal action against leakers who spread posts about unreleased iPhone devices. In March of this year, Apple asked its top assemblers, including Foxconn and Wistron, to conduct background checks on all its assembly line workers. These employees are overworked and underpaid, engaged in boring and repetitive work, and they may be more willing to accept cash in exchange for information, images, or real hardware on previously unreleased iPhone models.

As we all know, Apple CEO Tim Cook hates leaks, but getting rid of leaks seems easier said than done. In 2017, Apple held an internal seminar on leaks. It was originally a private “secret” meeting, but information about the seminar was leaked.

Many of these leakers are what we call “Twitter tippers” who use social media applications to spread information about the information they have obtained in some way. Many of these people hope to make a living from these tweets, in fact, some people gain a large number of followers by publishing accurate information before a company like Apple officially releases it.

Apple is not the only company hoping to crack down on leaks. Earlier this month, we told you that Samsung has begun to protect the copyrights of leaked images and videos of unreleased products in an effort to remove them from the Internet. This plan does not seem to work because we expect that almost all major devices that Samsung will show at the next Unpacked event on August 11 have been completely leaked, including Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Buds 2., Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

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