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A ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ made aware of by C.D.C Director

As the highly contagious delta variant of the coronavirus is fueling the outbreak in the United States, the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned on Friday that “this is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

The number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths is still far below the peak of last winter. The vaccine is effective against Delta virus. However, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle P. Walensky urged people to be fully vaccinated for strong protection and pleaded: “Do it for yourself, your family and for your community. And please do it to protect your young children who right now can’t get vaccinated themselves.”

Officials at the White House briefing on the pandemic said that the number of new virus cases may increase in the coming weeks, and these cases are likely to be concentrated in areas with low vaccine coverage.

Delta now accounts for more than half of the new cases. It is infected nationwide, and the number of cases in each state is increasing. Approximately 28,000 new cases were reported every day, compared to 11,000 cases reported every day less than a month ago.

So far, data shows that many vaccines, including Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson injections, provide good protection for Delta, especially against the worst outcomes, including hospitalization and death. (However, receiving a single-dose two-injection regimen provides only weak protection against this variant.) Nearly 60% of American adults are fully vaccinated, but less than 50% of Americans are vaccinated; only 12 years old and above are qualified.

Since the spring, the vaccination rate has slowed sharply, and the vaccine coverage rate is still very uneven. Delta has increased the number of cases in under-vaccinated areas, including parts of Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana. In mid-May, when the number of cases dropped, the CDC said that in most cases, people who are fully vaccinated do not need to wear a mask.

On July 4, President Biden hosted a conference for essential staff and others at the White House. Field activities to promote progress in the fight against the virus. As the number of cases increases, Americans may have to deal with seemingly different information, and the recommendations made by local health officials may differ from the CDC’s broad guidance.

The World Health Organization recently reiterated its recommendation that people who have been vaccinated should continue to wear masks, partly because of the global spread of Delta. However, he has been loyal to the guidance of his mask, and Dr. Walensky pointed out the global influence of the WHO and the fact that many available lenses have been taken over by rich countries. He added that local officials in the United States may choose more stringent measures to protect people who have not been vaccinated.

On Thursday, Los Angeles County said that starting this weekend, regardless of the vaccination situation, it will resume the internal mask requirements for everyone. On Friday, Dr. Walensky pointed to the heterogeneity of the country, saying that “these decisions have to be made at the local level.”

In New York City, Mayor Bill de Blasio (Bill de Blasio) said on Friday that there are currently no plans to reintroduce the requirement to wear masks for everyone in the city, and he does not believe the measure is necessary. The city reported that there have been more than 400 new cases per day recently, which is higher than the average of 200 cases per day a few weeks ago. “We need to watch it like a hawk,” he said on a radio show, referring to the Delta variant.

He said that health officials are focused on hospitalization, and the number of hospitalizations has been low in recent weeks. According to city data, approximately 53% of urban residents have been fully vaccinated. He said that if the hospitalization rate rises, the city will adapt.

The Biden administration barely missed its self-set goal of vaccinating at least 70% of adults before July 4th. Therefore, the Biden administration is renewing its efforts to reach out to those who have not yet been vaccinated. Officials also recently announced the establishment of a “surge response team” to help the hardest-hit states control the outbreak caused by Delta variant. Missouri and Nevada have asked for help.

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